PIDP 3230 Evaluation of Learning

What I thought was going to be somewhat mundane and certainly dry seems to have piqued my interest.  The terminology used can be a bit tricky and it reminded me of the shift in thinking I had to do when I took a Sociology course.  Some of the terms used in Sociology did not migrate over to the disciplines in Psychology that I was familiar with so that was quite confusing.  In the case of my current course, there is a glossary of terms provided for things like “items”.   This is not something you have on a shopping list, rather it refers to the individual elements within a test or evaluation document such as multiple choice questions, short answer essay questions etc.  Each of these is considered an “item”.

All of the components of this course weave together to provide the instructor with a reliable and valid evaluation process and gives the student feedback on their learning that reflecMUDDIEST POINT 1ts the progress they have made in their studies (or not).  There are two text books for this course – “The Art of Evaluation” and “Classroom Assessment Techniques”.  They nicely compliment each other.  The Classroom Assessment Techniques book has a plethora of assessment techniques that can be applied to a variety of situations.  I will be tasked with production of yet another video, in this case it will be on a the use of one of the  “CATs” in the book.  Need to mull that one over.  I did a video on “the Muddiest Point” for my professional practice course — so will need to dig into another one 🙂



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