Tell me what you want, what you really, really, want


I am thoroughly enjoying “The Skillful Teacher”.  I have seen mixed reviews from other students, but I have to say, there isn’t a chapter yet that doesn’t have some nugget that resonates for me.  This week I am working on the the Feedback Instrument Document and the exercise has been useful.  This ties into my blog title with a nod to the Spice Girls and “Wannabe” this week.

Most of my instructional experience is specific to workshops or courses offered to employees, or focus groups intended to gather information.  Although evaluations immediately post training are important for the instructor to use for future development and evolution of a course, in a corporate environment evaluations also have an important place in understanding the kind of training to offer staff and the channel or venue used to deliver training.  On top of “what channel” to use is the element of diversity in the classroom which mirrors diversity in the workplace.

If we don’t ask we will not know, and it is dangerous to second guess what people want and need to move forward either in their career or education.

For myself right now, I am not positioned to facilitate workshops or courses for staff.  I have some involvement in staff training but not to the extent I had earlier in my career.  In previous work, staff training and development was the area of my work that I found the most satisfying.  I like seeing people grow and develop and support them in achieving their goals.  I hope to continue with my own “adult-ed”, and at some point in the future use the skills I am acquiring in the PIDP to facilitate personal development workshops for people entering the workforce, or returning after a sabatical such as raising a family.

So, when developing an assessment document (to quote the Spice Girls), we really, really, want to know what our students need to improve the educational environment and enrich the student experience.  A well designed document can do just that.

And just for trivia fans out there this link takes you to an evaluation of the catchiest tunes with “Wannabe” topping the list …

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