Reflective Writing Assignment

tulips DebIn the busy ebb and flow of everyday life, introspective personal reflection can be a luxury rather than a regular activity.  Completing the first reflective exercise for PIDP 3260 was a pleasant suprise.  I completed a draft version a few days ago, then revisited the document and finished it up tonight.  I found the structured approach very useful.  When you open the door to thoughtful and focused consideration, particularly in the context of personal development, you find the gems…..those ah ha moments that help you understand your own learning “magic moments”.  This personal insight positions you to notice the “magic moment” opportunity with other people you are teaching or training.

The quote I was focusing on in my reflective exercise had to do with use of a Learning Audit mentioned in “The Skillful Teacher” by Stephen Brookfield (2006) 2nd edition.  Self evaluation and reflection is a valuable tool for the student and useful when shared with the teacher.  It can help both parties discover what worked, what didn’t and perhaps shed light on why….. in the learning relationship between the student and teacher it  provides the opportunity for both to grow.  My picture takes me to spring time and “how does your garden grow”…..?


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