A new course begins…..3260

The wintery landscape seemed appropriate for my first post even though I am blessed to be on the balmy west coast.  Watching television footage of meter high snow banks for the folks living in the eastern United States makes me heave a sigh of relief that I am not outside shoveling snow.  I have my own path to clear as I find my way through my latest course in the Provincial Instructors Diploma Program (PIDP).

My name is Deborah and I would classify myself as an “older” learner.  I keep getting older and somehow I keep learning new things.  It is one of the mysteries of the universe that I get great pleasure from.   I am interested in everything from fine art to aviation and project management.  I dabble in acrylics, watercolour and coloured pencil work…..the picture at the top of this post is a watercolour and salt creation I made a few years ago.

I am an experienced civil servant having worked for both Federal and Provincial organizations.  My lifelong passion has been development of people and staff training.  That interest in learning pointed me towards the PIDP with Vancouver Community College.  I continue to chip away at the program, now jumping into “Professional Practice 3260”.

One of the elements of the course is reflective writing and development of a Blog.  So, here I am and more to come…..